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KCI Biotech (SUZHOU) Inc. (KCI) and Jiangsu KMQ biotech Inc. (KMQ) which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of KCI are preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) providing specialty preclinical pharmacology services in cardiovascular diseases.

With a professional integrated R&D team and rich experience in pharmacology and pharmacodynamics, the company has gained a large market share in the preclinical research field with high technical barriers and huge demand. It has cooperated with more than 300+ well-known pharmaceutical R&D companies at home and abroad, and completed 50+ domestic and foreign new drug declaration projects.

The core competency of KCI&KMQ stems from our pioneering work and expertise in developing and running specialized animal disease models to test drug candidates and medical devices for their pharmacological effects and biocompatible.

We also conduct adjacency studies in PK/PD, preliminary toxicology, medical image, translational medicine and pathology.

We have standardized animal facilities and an experienced team of personnel.


The Animal Facility has obtained the American Laboratory Animal Management Accreditation AssociationAAALACprofessional certification and laboratory animal use license issued by Jiangsu Science and Technology Department.